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As a former prosecutor, Morgan is thoroughly knowledgeable about the criminal justice system. He has experience with a wide variety of criminal cases, including traffic tickets and violations, minor in possession (MIP), driving while intoxicated (DWI), fraud, theft, burglary, assault, and homicide.

Morgan can help you with a wide variety of major and minor traffic issues, including speeding tickets and driving while suspended or revoked. Morgan's advocacy skills can make the difference in keeping points off your license or getting your license back. Morgan handles speeding tickets from most Missouri counties and municipalities and can negotiate an amendment on your behalf. No license points, no increase in insurance premiums, and no court appearances in typical ticket cases.

You can rely on Morgan's expertise at every stage of a criminal defense case:

  • Pretrial: An experienced attorney may be able to suppress or exclude evidence, or even obtain dismissal of the charges before trial. Further, prosecutors are often willing to negotiate a resolution, and it is important for you to be in the best bargaining position possible—which means prosecutors need to know your lawyer is willing to go to trial if necessary. Morgan will fight for you during negotiations, and isn't afraid to go to trial to get the best possible resolution for you.

  • Trial: If you have to go to trial, you need a confident and competent trial lawyer. Morgan has tried cases across Missouri. You can rely on him, with his insight as a former prosecutor, to develop the best trial strategy for you and effectively present your case to the jury.
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  • Post-conviction: Convictions—whether after a guilty plea or a trial—can sometimes be overturned if the court made a legal error, you were deprived of a constitutional right, your lawyer was ineffective, or some other defect occurred. It is important for your case to be carefully reviewed for potential errors that can be asserted on direct appeal, in a motion for post-conviction relief, or in a state or federal habeas corpus petition. Morgan is an experienced post-conviction attorney who has handled post-conviction evidentiary hearings and written hundreds of briefs in post-conviction cases.
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